The original ABERDEEN DINER started in the area where the current 7-11 is located Circa1921 along the small creek that once existed on the land. Then, over the decades, as diners were making their way into popular American culture, the Shamrock Diner was built in 1960 on our current location. An instant success, the Shamrock eventually became the popular Cloverleaf Diner and was a mainstay in Aberdeen for many years until it was sold.  The gold star Diner was next and that gave way to the ABERDEEN DINER.   To honor the historic town of Aberdeen we have chosen to keep the Diner named after this wonderful town in Harford County.   We are blessed to continue serving the great people of Aberdeen and Harford County as the ABERDEEN DINER.


Come OUT AND EAT!!!!




Our Story

Here are some cool pics of old local American Diners....Many from around here years ago....

Check out the old Aberdeen Diner